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Trendsetter Swimbaits

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The Trendsetter Swimbait is a versatile fishing lure. Whether you fish it on its own with a jig head or as a teaser this swimbait will get the job done! The Trendsetter features a unique design that pairs a squid shaped head and body with a curly tail that you would see on a grub. This not only attracts fish that feed on squid, but also gives great movement in the water, attracting other predators. The soft plastic blend is extremely durable and holds up well, even after strikes from multiple fish. The 3D eyes are built beneath the surface of the bait so you don't have to worry about them falling off. If you're looking to catch more fish, give a Trendsetter Swimbait a try. You will really enjoy the results!

Trendsetter Swimbaits are made in California. When we approached them with what colors we would want, it was a no-brainer to go with pearl and chartreuse. The pearl has black and pink flake in it that gives it a rosy glow. The chartreuse is transparent with black and green flake that really sets it off! These swimbaits are 4.5" and come four to a pack.

Models: TS-4.5