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Tsunami Forged 10 Lever Drag Reels

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The Tsunami Forged 10 Lever Drag Reel is packed with features to give you the best possible fishing experience! The Forged 10 is constructed of a one-piece forged aluminum frame and sideplate with a machined interior, so it is incredibly strong! Tsunami has blasted the exterior to create more surface area before anodizing and then putting down a clear coat. This makes for a finish that is extremely scratch resistant and will hold up significantly better than on other reels. The magic of the Forged 10 happens on the inside. Not only does the Forged 10 have a powerful and smooth carbon drag system that puts out 20 lbs at max, but it has an incremental drag so the drag increases in small amounts as you push the lever forward. Also, in those instances when the drag is locked down, turning the handle is still smooth. The aluminum free floating spool gives the reel amazing free spool and it can make long, accurate casts. The high quality gears and bearings are all stainless steel so the reel has plenty of power and is very smooth! Tsunami Forged 10 Lever Drag Reels also feature true free spool, even at max drag, an anti-reverse bearing and two anti-reverse dogs, and a great aluminum handle with EVA power knob. If you're looking for a lightweight yet powerful lever drag reel, a Tsunami Forged 10 lever Drag Reel is something you should add to your arsenal. Fish it and appreciate its greatness!

Tsunami Forged 10 Lever Drag Reels are available in silver with gunsmoke accents.

Models: TSFOR10LD