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Spinning Reels

Van Staal VS X-SERIES Spinning Reels - Bailless

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Van Staal VS X-SERIES Bailless Spinning Reels are the surf spinning reels you have been waiting for! Van Staal took what is considered by most to be the best surf fishing reel on the planet and made it better! The VS X-SERIES features the tried and tested aircraft aluminum fully sealed construction that so many anglers love. Van Staal added a better drag system that puts out a wider range of drag. It also added a drag cap that clicks so that you have more control of your drag while you are on the beach. The new X-WRAP oscillation system results in perfect line lay. Van Staal VS X-SERIES Bailless Spinning Reels are extremely impressive and are perfect for the surf fisherman who wants the best gear possible for their particular sport. The upgrades that Van Staal made to the VS are exactly what anglers have been asking for. Order your Van Staal VS X-SERIES Bailless Spinning Reel today!

Van Staal VS X-SERIES Bailless Spinning Reel are a surf anglers best friend. Van Staal will be releasing the 200 and 250 sizes in polished black first and then the other sizes reels will trickle out towards the end of 2014.

Models: VS100BXP, VS100SXP, VS150BXP, VS150SXP, VS200BXP, VS200SXP, VS250BXP, VS250SXP, VS275BXP, VS275SXP