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Winn 44" Camo Superior Rod Wrap

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Winn 44" Camo Superior Rod Wrap will make your rod stand out! Constructed of Winn Dry Polymer, this rod warp is slip-resistant in all weather conditions and extremely comfortable! It is also really cool looking. The camo patterns look great and will give your rod a unique look. Wrap all your rods in a single pattern for a unified look, or use different camos on each to easily distinguish between them. If you're not happy with your rod grips, get yourself a Winn 44" Camo Superior Rod Wrap. They are easy to install and will take your rod to the next level!

Winn 44" Camo Superior Rod Wraps are available in four awesome camos. Choose from gray camo, lime green camo, white/blue camo and wildfire.

Models: SOW11-GC, SOW11-LC, SOW11-WBC, SOW11-WF