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ZeeBaaS ZX2 Spinning Reels - Bailless

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The ZeeBaaS ZX2 bail-less surf spinning reels have transcended the way we think about a surf fishing reel. Building upon existing technology, ZeeBaas has created a truly top-flight reel with their ZX2. Just like their competition, the ZX2 is fully sealed for all you skishermen out there, and its rugged aluminum/titanium/stainless steel alloy frame can take any punishment a rogue wave decides to dish out (we all know, where there’s stripers, there are inevitably waves and rocks – a nasty combination for soft reels). But the ZeeBaaS is far from soft – it’s the John Wayne of fishing reels. Actually it’s more like the Bruce Lee of fishing reels: tough, rock solid, and most importantly – incredibly light weighing in at a meager 16.9 oz! The internals are similarly fine tuned, utilizing new spiraled beveled gears that are up to 15% more efficient at handling the stress of a hard run than older style hypoid gears. The ZX2 has a dual drag system that can be easily operated with your thumb during the fight, putting out a mammoth 35 pounds of genuine American made drag – just enough to stop a 200 pound yellowfin from….Oh wait, these are surf reels, that’s right. Stripers and bluefish are nothing more than a soft target for this master assassin of a reel. Moreover, the drag plates are made of a carbon fiber polymer and are totally sealed so they’ll never fail due to corrosion.

ZeeBaaS ZX2 surf reels are still among the top echelon of fishing reels in a market where technologically advanced reels are becoming the norm. It’s one of those reels that when you first hold it in your hand, you immediately have lucid visions of 60 pound stripers bowing to its almighty supremacy. The ZeeBaas ZX2 comes in silver, black, or the really sharp silver and black combination. The bail-less model offers either a single or dual roller design for easy line pickup. The sizes range from 20, 22, 25, and 27 (basically a 4000 to a 7000 standard reel size) and so are very versatile depending on which species you intend to conquer (and conquer is going light, I’d say more like total and complete domination). 

Models: ZX2-20RS, ZX2-22RS, ZX2-25RS, ZX2-27RS