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ZeeBaaS ZX2 Spinning Reels - Full Bail

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ZeeBaaS has done it again! This time taking the same awesome power and durability of their original ZX2 bail-less reel, and transforming it into a premier offshore spinning reel by adding a bail and exclusive offshore power handle. Sure the ZX2 is primarily a surf reel, but any reel putting out a gargantuan 35 pounds of drag that is only designed for fishing the surf is really selling itself short. ZeeBaaS knew this, and so they created the ZX2 full bailed spinning reel. The construction (U.S. construction to be exact) of the base reel is identical to its bail-less brother – aluminum/titanium/stainless steel alloy ensures years of use and abuse at the hands of tuna, sailfish, marlin and other oceanic bad boys. The increased spool size (the 27 model holds 500 yards of 50 pound braid) gives you plenty of room for the large predators to make runs, and its torquey 4.75 gear ratio makes for a smooth, easy crankdown when trying to turn that fishes’ head, and make a solid gain. They are slightly heavier than their bail-less counterparts, each model weighing approximately 2 ounces more, but the extra weight is cancelled out by using a standard sized rod and not an 11 foot surf stick.

The ZeeBaaS ZX2 full bailed spinning reel can and will handle any species that swims. Literally any species. Fishing these reels is basically the saltwater version of a shock and awe campaign - used in the most extreme environments and circumstances like backing down on black marlin while getting soaked and the 35 pounds of drag singing – the outcome of that fight was ZeeBaas 1 – Marlin 0 (trust me, I know my arms still hurt). Those results are not atypical, as the ZeeBaas full bailed models are truly men among boys. Available in silver, black, and the stunning silver and black combo, the ZX2 full bailed models come in the 20, 22, 25 and 27 sizes. 

Models: ZX2-20RB, ZX2-22RB, ZX2-25RB, ZX2-27RB