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Tsunami Trophy Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods

5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Northern Cal Rockfishing
    By Chi on July 29th, 2018

    A spiral wrapped, technological advanced, lightweight slow pitch rod that is inexpensive - something is wrong with that picture. Nope, nothing is wrong. It is just a well built rod that is really cost effective. Fishing rockfish and lingcod from shallow to deep water, the rod performs extremely well. The rod tip is so sensitive, you feel every little bite even those little sanddabs nibbling at your squid. Spiral wrap definitely helps with that too. When you hook up, no issue. The backbone of the 681H is there to help pull that stubborn fish out of those rocks. The 3 times that I fished the rod, I used 6oz up to 16 oz weights with 40lb J-braid x8 with an Omoto Talos 10 reel. As indicated in an earlier review, the reel seat is small and did not fit my Avet SX. It fits the Maxel Hybrid 20 and 25, Daiwa Lexa 301 and Saltist 20H and Shimano Curado 301 with no issues. With this lightweight rod, combo with a lightweight reel, I can fish a lot longer without heavy fatigue or shoulder aches. In conclusion, if you haven’t bought this rod, your missing out. Also, want to give a shout out to Josh for his superior service in getting my Tsunami rods to me, especially with my address change.

  • The New Generation Rod for Southern California Island Fishing on Sportboats aka Cattle Boats
    By rexor on July 5th, 2018

    Excellent in Performance, Best Bang for the Buck. Its now my Go To Rod on Sportsboats Fishing from Catalina, Clemente, Channel, San Nick, Coronado Islands for those Schoolie Yellow Tails, Schoolie Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna, Sheepheads, Ling, Wsb, & Rockfish on an Ultralightweight Set-Up. Paired with my Okuma Andros 5IIN-A, 5IIA, Komodo SS 471P, and Penn Fathom 25NLD, slaying those fish mentioned above fish was sweet & fun. The 7’6”xh is so versatile for multiple use from 8 oz bottom fishing in 150-250 feet of water, jigging with 80-120 grams flatfall to Live Bait with Sardines and Anchovies. The acid wrap makes a huge difference in reeling in those schoolie tunas and yellowtails by letting me focus on fighting the fish and not the rod. The sensitive tip keeps me feeling always connected to my bait. I just bought another one to pair with my newly purchase Seigler SGN and Seigler SS Reels. These seems to be my Go To Rod for Now especially on Crowded Party or Cattle Boats in SoCal. Just leaving my Blackhole and United Composite Rods for Private Boat trip most of the time. Funny but bringing this Tsunami Slow Pitch Rod on those PV trip as well....I can see myself of buying more of this rod in the near future.

  • Nicely made rod.
    By Juan on September 11th, 2017

    Beautiful rod! I can't wait to fish it. I like that I can use a wide range of lures with it. I purchased this rod so I can take others with me fishing and I don't have to let them use my high end rods. Thinking about getting another for myself and using it when I go on party boats.

  • Why is this not a top rated fluke rod?
    By BeachGlassGuru on August 19th, 2017

    Im not sure how this 6'6MH is not a top rated fluke rod. I bought one last week specifically to test out on some south shore fluke. The rod performed unlike any other rod in my collection. I paired it with an Abu Garcia Revo3 inshore spooled up with some 20lb maxcuatro. The whole combo weighed under a pound and handled 6-8lb ocean fluke better than ANY of my larger combos. Hooked up on some big blues just for fun, testing out the rod. At that weight you can literally fish it all day long without a moment of fatigue. The acid wrapping absolutely makes a huge difference not only in the rods performance with a large fish on, but also in the sensitivity and connection with the rig. I was bucktailing, and that sensitivity is essential to both proper action and a good hook set. I spent some time in the back bays jigging and casting with a 3/4-1.5oz then i spent a few days in the ocean using bucktails up to 4oz. The rod handled everything perfectly. In a little over a week this combo has become my new favorite for fluke. Im very much looking forward to using it on some stripers and taugs this fall.

  • Great deal
    By Jonathan on July 28th, 2017

    I have to say, i only fished it twice. One of which i was jigging an 8oz hammerjig. Unfortunately no fish that time bit the action was able to handle 8oz perfectly Took the rod out on a couple drifts along the Ambrose channels to see what I could jig up. The rod is nice. Was,jigging around 4oz most of the day and i felt that was the sweet spot. Sensitive enough to feel a small fish and a nice flex all the way through to where I felt comfortable high sticking but also left me with backbone where i needed it. Glassier end of a composite i feel. I love it. I love glass rods for bottom fishing but this one really offers the best of both worlds. I would highly recommend it. The price amazes me. Be warned, the reel seat is narrow. It wouldn't quite fit an avet in there so currently i have a maxel 20. I believe thats a size 20 reel seat Great rod. Matter of time before i buy another

  • Rod
    By Luis on July 21st, 2017

    Very nice rod

  • Awesome combo
    By Chris on April 18th, 2017

    Thank You Matt for recommending this rod to pair with a new saltiga star drag 15 / 5.1. First time i dropped a bait it was a keeper cod and this was the best feeling rod I have ever fished with. Fished 210 feet of water with 12oz or better and the tip was perfectly sensitive and quick on the hookset with amazing lifting power. The long butt was very comfortable, combined with the spiral wrap to prevent that fighting the handle feeling, just an awesome combo. Unreal price for this rod, super light weight and strong. It is everything my trevala was supposed to be and wasn't. I cannot wait to blackfish with it, I am sure fluke will be great, everything.

  • Outstanding Rod.
    By J on February 28th, 2017

    Ladies and Gents if you are looking for a Taug and black seabass rod for bottom fishing, look no more. I have spent hours talking with fellow anglers, captains and mates on the various boats I fish from, and I tried several rods before getting this rod. It is truly the best rod I have tried. Outstanding features, super light and it has the acid wrap feature. I went with the XH model, it is super light and stiff, you can really feel Taug bites it has a very sensitive tip. If you are like me and put the rod butt under your arm while fishing, this is the rod you have been looking for, I think it has one of the longest butts out there. I paired it with my Avet SX 5.3 and fished with it all day. One thing to keep in mind is that the reel seat on this rod is a little small, the Avet SX 5.3 was a little too big for it, but that reel came with a clamp so it worked out at the end. Would not have been able to use it on the rod otherwise. Plenty of other reels that would fit this rod without any issue. Overall I am super happy with this rod. Many of my fishing buddies loved it and thought it was much more expensive especially since it has the acid wrap. Thanks for recommending it to me Josh.