Best Surf Rods For Beginner Surfcasters

May 25, 2024
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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So you want to start catching fish from the beach or pier? That is a great way to go fishing. It’s not only fun and rewarding but you’ll learn a lot about how fish behave. You can also catch very big fish from the beach, depending on where you are fishing and when. We are going to focus on surf rods, and more specifically surf spinning rods. The vast majority of surfcasting is done with spinning setups because it’s easier to do and there’s less of a margin for error. Also, this is for anglers who want to actively participate in catching fish. If you want to put a rod in a sand spike on the beach and drink beer in a chair while soaking in some rays, this is not for you.

What Makes a Surf Rod a Surf Rod?

The purpose of a surf rod is to be able to cast a certain amount of weight a long distance. Everyone’s definition of “long” is going to be different but the idea of the rod is that it flexes in such a way that you can get a lure or bait to where the fish are. Also, when you reel in the line at the correct speed it needs to be able to move the lure or bait so it appears like an injured baitfish or something that would interest a hungry fish. Once you hook the fish, the rod needs to be able to handle the power of the fish. If the rod’s too light you’re going to be depending on your reel to winch it in. If the rod is too stiff then you won’t get the casting distance or action on the rod.

What Makes A Surf Rod Go?

Let’s break a surf rod down into three areas so that you can get an idea of what each part does while fishing. Understand that this is not exact as depending on your rod and how you are fishing but this is a general guide for how you should think about the rod.

  1. Tip – The flex in the tip is going to aid you in lure presentation to the fish. It’s going to make the lure or bait move realistically through the water. You are going to use the tip to twitch the bait or give it extra movement.
  2. Middle – The middle section of the surf rod is going to give you your casting distance. When you start coming forward with your cast the rod will load in the middle of the rod. This is the point where there is the most flex in the rod and as you bring the rod forward that spot will travel up the rod and into the tip as you hit your release point. How that flexes as the energy in the rod moves up towards the tip is going to play a big role in your casting distance.
  3. Back – The rear of the rod is about power and comfort. When you fight a fish in the surf, this is the section that is going to control the fish. If the back end cannot handle the load the rod will break or getting the fish in will become extremely difficult. The back end is also where your hands go so it has to be slip resistant and comfortable when casting and when fishing.

What Surf Rods Should A Beginner Avoid

There are different kinds of surfcasters. When we talk about beginners we don’t mean someone who has no idea about fishing and has never fished in their life. This refers to people who have fished before and want to try surfcasting. If you’ve gotten this far and you are thinking of getting a pre-mounted combo or something super cheap that’s basically disposable, you are in the wrong place. While there are more than two surf rod series you could use, we recommend only two to our customers. The following series are really good surf rods with fair prices that would help a new surf angler not only catch more fish, but enjoy the sport.

Dark Matter SPS Surf Spinning Rods

Dark Matter SPS Surf Spinning Rods.

Dark Matter SPS Surf Spinning Rods are the perfect rods for someone who is just starting to fish from the beach. They are crafted to offer top-notch performance, sleek design, and excellent value for surfcasters. This series of rods stands out by combining functionality, aesthetic appeal, and affordability at just $140. No other surf series matches all these features. These elegant rods are perfect for casting lures from the shore or pier, boasting Dark Matter blanks painted black with striking light blue wraps and accents. Every cast will bring a smile to your face with their eye-catching design. Equipped with K-guides, they minimize line tangles significantly. The shrink-wrapped grips provide comfort and durability over time. Special attention has been given to the rod transitions to enhance ergonomics and user-friendliness. The Dark Matter graphite reel seat is designed to fit your favorite spinning reel. If you’re searching for an outstanding surf rod without breaking the bank, consider the Dark Matter SPS Surf Spinning Rod. You’ll be delighted!

Dark Matter SPS Surf Rods have the correct actions and all the features you would want at a price that is fair.

Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rods

Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rods

Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rods will redefine your expectations for an affordable surf rod. Traditionally, most surf rods under $100 have been bulky, heavy, and lacking in action. The Trophy II addresses this issue by utilizing the same high-quality materials found in their jigging rods to create a surf rod ideal for beach fishing at an affordable price. Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rods are lightweight with precise actions, perfect for casting plugs, tins, and bait. They come with vinyl shrink grips, graphite cushioned reel seats, and guides designed for long casts with braided line. If you want a high-quality surf rod without spending a fortune, skip the older models and add a Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rod to your collection. You’ll experience performance comparable to rods that cost twice as much! Pair it with a standard spinning reel or a long-cast model.

The Tsunami Trophy II Surf Spinning Rods are available in ten different models, ranging from 7 to 12 feet. Each rod in this series is a 2-piece with a 70/30 split and features a sleek gray color.

Becoming A Successful Surfcaster

There are a lot of factors that go into being successful when fishing from the beach. The rod is just one but it is extremely important. We are confident that whether you choose the Dark Matter or the Tsunami rod, you will have a higher chance of success than if you chose something else. These rods were designed for exactly what you are going to do and excel at that without having you spend a lot of money. Which one are you going to buy?

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