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J&H Tackle Price Match Policy

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

At J&H, we understand that pricing is very important to you. When you shop at J&H you are getting the lowest prices anywhere. If you find a lower price on any product we stock, we would like the opportunity to match it.

In order to price match, you will need to provide proof of the lower price. Simply contact us and let us know the online site or where you found the lower price. If we can confirm it, we will match it! A price match can only be applied to a product with the exact same model and specifications. It must also be in stock on the competitor’s web site. Competitor’s shipping fees will also be factored into the price. Lower price must be confirmed before any final J&H Tackle sale. We will only price match a lower price from an authorized dealer within the United States.

We do not price match Ebay auctions, and craigslist posts. We also reserve the right to not price match Amazon.

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