Black Friday Sale Ends Sunday!

Dec 05, 2021
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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Our Black Friday Sale ends tomorrow at midnight EST (12/5). Use coupon code gear15 to save 15% off most everything we sell. There are some exclusions. This also means the end of our giveaways so make sure you get your orders in before this great sale ends! All the details are here:

We tried something new this year by stretching out the sale instead of just having it go for a short few days. I think in some ways it worked in others it did not. It definitely reduced the strain on the shipping department. Getting all those orders at once is fine but when you combine it with the customer service associated with it, it causes problems.

Enough about us. Please take advantage of the sale so you get all the fishing gear you want for yourself or maybe for a loved one. We have so many great items that anglers would love as Christmas presents.

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