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Okuma Reels

J & H carries over a hundred Okuma fishing reels to buy online.  Okuma, a company based in Taiwan, has been manufacturing fishing reels for over a decade. Their US division is located in Ontario, California. Okuma fishing reels are used by such pros as Todd Kline, Cliff Prince, Matt Arey and Tim Frederick to name just a few.

Okuma reels for sale here at J & H include their popular Andros A series and their Makaira series, as well as Komodo and Raw. We also offer Okuma reel maintenance kits for sale.

Okuma fishing reelsare cheap at the beginning angling level, but rise in price as the abilities of the reel, the number of bearings and so on, increase. Spinning reels do not have to be quite as sophisticated as deep trolling reels, for example.

Obkuma fishing reels prices start at less than thirty dollars for their classic levelwind reels, for example.  These are conventional reels, manufactured from graphite, but with brass gears and a good drag system. These reels are ideal for catching striped bass, fluke, blue fish, stripers and other fish!

Moving slightly up in price are Okuma reels you buy online such as the Trio Spinning Reel. Okuma Trio Spinning Reels are manufactured with a proprietary technology which Okuma calls Crossover Construction. Graphite and aluminum are blended together in the manufacturer of this reel so its extremely light weight, yet very strong. It is also suitable for salt water.  These reels will help you catch stripers, fluke, snook and more, and they come in several sizes.

Jumping up a bit in price, for Okuma fishing reels for sale, there is the Okuma Raw II spinning reels, at just over a hundred dollars. In order to protect against salt water corrosion, Okuma invented an aluminum allow which they call T480 which will not corrode in salt water. This reel possesses a Precision Dual Force Drag system, watertight drag seals, and a Quick Set anti-reverse roller bearing. These reels come in several sizes.

Okuma reels range from cheap – to mid-range to expensive. In the mid-range are the Soltera 2-speed lever drag reels, ranging from just over two hundred dollars to just under three hundred dollars depending on size of the reel. The Soltera reels are used for trolling or chunking. Chunking – that means to cut up large pieces, or chunks of fish and troll them behind the boat to lure those game fish.

Okuma fishing reels prices at the highest end are for the Okuma Makaira 2-speed reels, at a little over a thousand dollars. This is a big game reel, ideal for landing that marlin trophy fish. These reels have a patented spoon pin system which enables the reel to work just fine with either monofilament or braided superline.

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