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J&H Tackle Promo Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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The J&H Tackle Promo Shirt Sleeve T-Shirt was created to give you a great t-shirt with the J&H logo on it at a fair price. People have been asking us for t-shirts with our original wave logo on it and this was the first time we did it. We tried once before but the whole batch got messed up because of the fade in the logo. It was funny and sad at the same time. Anyway, this is a great shirt to wear on and off the water and let everyone know your favorite tackle shop.

Get a &H Tackle Promo Shirt Sleeve T-Shirt for $5 when you spend $100 online or in the shop. Limit one per customer.


Want to show up on the J&H Instagram page? Take a picture of yourself wearing one these shirts with a fish you just caught and post it. Tag us in the post and we will do a repost to say thank you!

We recommend that you wash your J&H Tackle Promo Short Sleeve T-Shirt in cold water and dry it on a low setting. They are available in sizes M-2XL in heather grey. Get yours today!

Models: JHPSST