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Covid 19

We are shipping at a slower pace than normal due to the number of orders and the fact that the supply chain is broken. Several manufacturers and suppliers are still shipping slowly and are behind. Some several months. 



The physical store is open! We re-opened our doors to the public and are excited to welcome everyone back. To enter you must wear a mask! Also, please practice social distancing when you are in the shop. Our hours are 8am-6pm Mon-Sat, 8am-4pm Sun. They are subject to change so make sure you check before coming down.  


Our online store is up and running and we are taking orders and shipping orders. We are running with a full crew and have actually brought on a few more people to help with the volume of orders but it is still not enough to catch up to where we want to be. Also, many of our suppliers have reopened but they are either very far behind in shipping or are sold out of product so this slows down order filling on our end. Please undertsand that shipping times will be delayed. If you have an order that you need right away or you want to make changes, please email josh@jandh.com. Also, we undertand that you are excited to receive your order but we would appreciate it if you would email us asking the status of your order rather than calling. Having a physical person in the shop taking phone calls about order status just uses resources that are better spent getting orders shipped.

Rod & Reel Repair Drop Off and Pickup

Please come into the store.

Line Spooling

Please come into the store. 


Please come into the store. We have a full range of bait.