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Sales 2023

Coupon Restrictions

From time to time we run promotions using coupon codes. This ranges from holidays where we offer a discount to coupons to encourage you to buy something that you might have left behind in your shopping cart. Many manufacturers have come to us and asked that they be excluded from these coupons. They feel that even though these coupons are not product specific, they diminish their brands in some way. Here is the most current list of these manufacturers:

Accurate, Avet, Daiwa, G Loomis, Insomniac Outdoors, Penn, Tsunami, Shimano, St Croix, Van Staal

While we strongly disagree with their decision we have no choice but to honor it. Therefore know that the above manufacturers products are excluded from and and all J&H Tackle coupons. If you feel this is wrong, please reach out to the manufacturer and let them know