Sneak Peek: Penn Authority Spinning Reels

Oct 21, 2022
Joshua Fuld

CEO and Founder

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Hey, guys, it’s Josh over at J&H Tackle. And this is the brand new Penn Authority 4500 high speed spinning reel. 

Penn was gracious enough to give me the authority to show you this reel. This is not a prototype.

It’s probably just an early production sample, but it is a finished and complete reel. 

The problem is that Penn has not given me all the details, so I sort of have to piece it together.

So I didn’t want to do this like a normal review where I tell you guys exactly everything that’s going on. 

This is just my opinion, what I know so far, what I think about this thing. So here are the things that I know.

First of all, it is an all metal construction and it has all stainless steel gears. These are all CNC. 

So this is a step up from the Slammer Four. This series of reels ranges from $500 to $600, and is going to be Penn’s top of the line reel.

They’ve upgraded the ceiling. It’s an IPX Eight instead of the Slammer, which is an IPX Six. 

I don’t know exactly what they’ve done, but they’ve removed the moniker of a hydrophobic roller bearing. 

So I’m assuming that something is going on in there. It’s got more ball bearings, 13 sealed stainless steel ball bearings.

It’s got their level nine slow Oscillation system. So you can see this pool is definitely moving slower. 

It feels more rigid, more you know, we talk about these things like less flex and less wobble. Just really, really fixed throughout here. 

When you turn the handle, you really feel like a straight line.

So it’s going to deliver you a tremendous amount of power and just we’ll be able to stop fish, big fish, and attract 30lbs of drag on it. 

It has a door drag system. Here’s your clicker. Nice smooth trip right there. Feels really good.

Aluminum handle with that aluminum ball knob. This one says high speed since it’s a high speed rail. It feels really great in your hand. 

Really, really comfortable. If you don’t like that, you will want the Eva.

It comes in the box. It also comes with one of these, which is just to put around your spool to hold your braid and of course, the reel cover. 

It actually says authority on it says what it is. So that’s a nice touch that Penn is including in the box.

With this reel, you can switch the handle from left to right. And one of the other cool things I don’t think you can see here, but Penn’s actually finally starting to include serial numbers on their reel. 

So the serial number of your authority is right there. I recommend that when you buy one, take a picture of it. 

This way, if you ever lose the reel, it gets stolen, you have that and that’s really an important thing. 

I think more spinning reels should come that way. Performance wise, this thing feels really good. I mean, it feels solid.

It feels like Penn is just putting in the work the engineers are doing more and more. 

It definitely feels like a Penn reel. It feels like an American reel. It doesn’t feel like a Japanese reel. So if you’re expecting that, that’s not what you’re going to get.

You’re getting a raw power workhorse. And this is a lot more polished than I feel in the slab. 

Again, I’m feeling that rigidity, that just straight line turning the handle and doing exactly what it should do. So time will tell. This will be launched at ICAST.

This version or the size of the Real is going to retail for about $530. And it feels really nice. 

So if you’re a Penn fan, this is definitely something really cool to look forward to. Level one Penn does higher end reels.

They can certainly make them, they can certainly make them in volume. And it’s just going to make a lot of Penn fans have better fishing experiences, which is what we’re all about. 

Pre-order yours today.

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