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Fishing Hook Sizes & Types

Welcome to the thrilling world of fishing, where the tiniest detail can mean the difference between a story about the one that got away and a triumphant photo of your catch of the day! At J&H Tackle, your go-to multi-brand US-based fishing tackle haven, we’re not just selling hooks; we’re equipping you for adventure. With […]

Dec 19, 2023
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Complete Fishing Hook Guide: Choose the Right One

Introduction Fishing, a timeless blend of skill, patience, and the right equipment, transforms from a mere hobby into an art when equipped with the perfect tools. Central to this ensemble is the fishing hook, a small yet pivotal component that can make or break your angling success. The choice of the right hook is not […]

Dec 14, 2023
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BKK at J&H!

If you’re not familiar with BKK you should look into it. They are a hook company that makes a wonderful product line of high quality products. I can’t remember when I first heard of them but seeing them on Nomad Design lures was my first experience with them. Since then I wanted to have them […]

Nov 16, 2021
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