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There are a wide variety of fishing tools for sale at J & H Tackle, everything from sand spikes to utility and fillet knives to needle-nose pliers. Depending on the type of fishing you’ll be doing, you’re bound to need some of these tools, so please browse our product pages and see what catches your eye.

That’s the beauty of shopping online at your one stop tackle store – you may find a fishing tool here that you didn’t know existed. Once you see it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Fishing tools to buy online that we have in stock are from manufacturers such as Hanson Tackle, Hi-Seas, Penn, Rapala, Rockhopper, True Utilty, Dexter Russell, Bubba Blade and more.

Fishing tools prices will change depending on what type of tool you purchase. We carry top quality equipment from many renowned fishing gear brands and manufacturers. You can browse our stock by manufacturer, by popularity, or by price – high-to-low or low-to-high.

Fishing tools are not made of cheap materials. You don’t want them to be. These tools can last for years if they are properly cared for.  If you’re fishing in salt water, for example, make sure you rinse off all your gear that has been subjected to salt water, and then dry each piece before packing it away.

What kind of fishing tools for sale are there? Filet knives are an essential tool for cleaning fish. They come in different designs, however, to make the chore easier depending on what fish you are filleting. For eample, Bubba Blade manufacturers regularly-shaped fillet knives and tapered blade knives, as well as tactical survival knives.

Rapala manufactures bait knives, which you want to use to cut bait – Filet knives are for fileting only. Bait knives with finger guards will reduce the chance of accidents, though of course you must always use care when cutting anything.

Dexter-Russell is another manufacturer of filet knives and boning knives. View each product page to see which knife design “calls” to you.

True Utility delivers compact flashlights and other fishing tools at affordable prices. These flashlights are useful for night fishing, but also for storing in your car. True Utility also offer multi tools and waterproof lighters, another tool that it’s always handy to have.

Did you know there’s such a tool as a fish scaler? Fishing tools cheap include these handy-dandy items that make it easy to remove scales quickly and easily.

Fishing tools for sale include hook keepers from manufacturers such as Fuji. You use these to prevent your lines from becoming tangled, should you decide to move to another spot along shore or along the boat.

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