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Jackets + Surf Tops

Jackets and surf tops you buy online go a long way toward keeping you warm on the water.  J & H tackle carries jackets and surf tops from Grundens, Guy Cotton, Helly Hansen, Pelagic, Simms and Stormr.

Surf tops prices and fishing jackets prices reflect the quality of the materials used in manufacturing and how much bad weather you expect to be facing. Surf tops are designed to withstand waves hitting you over and over again, while jackets are designed mainly to keep you warm, but with waterproofing as a bonus, of course.

Fishing jackets for sale include the Stormr Men’s Typhoon jacket, which is designed to be thin and light and yet still provide all the warmth you desire. Neoprene material is waterproof and windproof, and a hood helps keep the head warm. Wearing a hood protects the back of the neck as well as the head, and keeps warmth from dissipating.

Surf tops cheap in price but made of excellent material include the Guy Cotton Montauk Surf Top. “Lightweight” is the key to any clothing and jackets and surf tops for sale at J & H certainly deliver on that requirement.

Jacket and surf tops you buy online come with a variety of features and are made for a variety of conditions. Since surf tops prevent you from getting wet during surf casting, they don’t always have the hoods that jackets will come with. Because of their material, and they way they are cut, these jackets can be worn in layers, a warm shirt underneath and a water- and windproof shell surf top fill the bill.

Fishing jackets for sale and surf tops for sale come in a variety of colors. Black is always a popular choice, but those with colored accents – such as orange or yellow, make it easier for you to be seen while you are on the water. Bright red jackets really catch the eye and look stylish.

Fishing jackets come cheap and surf tops are cheap when you consider, as always, the comfort they deliver. But it’s not only comfort. Cold winds don’t bring colds or flu – they are viruses – but they can certainly exacerbate your feelings of ill health. To stay healthy as well as comfortable, surf tops and fishing jackets for sale online are the real deal.

Fishing jackets prices range from just under a hundred dollars to just under $400. Typically hunting jackets will be in the top price range as they deliver more protection for you. In addition to the material used in manufacturer, the number of pockets included also affects the price. Pockets need to be situated where you can access them easily.

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