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Base Layers

Fishing base layers you buy online are an ideal way to keep yourself comfortable during cold days. As with any cold-weather activity, dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable, and being comfortable (or at least, not being unnecessarily uncomfortable!) is the key to having a good time while you’re out on the water.

Base layers for sale are the very first piece of clothing you put on, over which other layers follow.  Thermal tops and thermal pants make excellent base layers. They are thin enough to be unobtrusive, no matter how many extra layers of clothing you don. In fact, a base layer of a thermal top and thermal pants may well be enough to keep you comfortable all day, with just a single extra layer of a regular shirt and jeans on top of them.

Base layers prices at J & H for tops and pants from top manufacturers Grundens and Helly Hansen are such that you can stock up on a couple of pairs. The important thing about any base layers, whether shirt or pants, is that moisture be wicked away and that there be some odor control capability engineered into the fabric itself.

Base layers are cheap when compared with thick sweat pants, and will keep you warmer. They are also more comfortable because they are thinner, and it’s easier to wick away moisture. The fabric of base layers will actually draw moisture from your body into the fabric and out the other side, so that it can evaporate, and this evaporation keeps you cool.

Base layers you buy online have two different layers for wicking purposes. The moisture from your skin is wicked out to the outer layer, leaving the inner layer relatively dry. Of course, these layers are very thin and indistinguishable to the human eye.

Base layers for sale at J & H feature mock turtleneck or crewneck tops, and a base layer pant that has a waistband and cuffs for extra comfort.  Colors vary from black to slate grey, and sizes range from small to 2XL.

Fishing base layers prices may surprise you at their reasonableness. It may seem odd to talk about “technology” with regard to clothing, but technology and moisture control, odor control and just plain keeping warm go hand in hand.

Base layers are cheap when you think of the value-added ratio. Base layers fit underneath waders, sweatshirts, and any other foul weather gear you may have, and are thin rather than bulky so you’ll be able to move about easily and still be warm.

When you’re ready to look for base layers to buy online, contact us if you have any questions about sizes, or suitability.