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Upgrade Your Fishing Apparel with Stylish & Durable Fishing Shorts

Spring, summer and fall are the ideal times to go fishing, so we’ve got plenty of fishing shorts to buy online here at J & H Tackle. We carry boardshorts, gaff shorts, surf shorts, fishing shorts and women’s shorts from the following manufacturers: AFTCO, Grundens, Huk, Pelagic and Simms.

Fishing shorts for sale come in a wide variety of colors and design to suit every taste. Our women’s shorts are short shorts, whereas as the name implies, the men’s board shorts extend to the knee.

Fishing shorts prices are mid-range because of the quality material with which they are made. The designs are just bonuses. For example, the Pelagic Americamo Boardshorts allow you to display the Americna flag with pride, except instead of stars the field of blue is covered with swordfish, tuna, sharks and more. Pair the Americamo boardshorts with an Americamo trucker cap to look truly stylish.

Budget-conscious? Fishing shorts fit budgets from cheap to expensive. Fishing shorts need to have a lot of large, roomy pockets for all the gear you’d like to carry, so in addition to the large pockets in the front there will sometimes be large pockets in the back as well, as well as a pliers pocket will be included. A pliers pocket, also called a tool pocket, is as you may expect a specially lined pocket where you can keep pliers or other someone sharp tools that are an absolute must for the angler out on the water.

Fishing shorts you buy online are lightweight and also water resistant. Boardshorts can have a zippered fly or be pullups with an elastic waistband. There’s a design for everyone. Everyone has a different idea of what makes them the most comfortable.

Fishing shorts prices stay the same regardless of what size you order. Choose your size and the color you’d like from the convenient dropdown boxes on each product page.  Solid color shorts come in such colors as black, burnt orange, slate, olive or sandstone. Print shorts don’t offer quite so many colors. Camo shorts come in blue or green, for example.

Women’s fishing shorts for sale cheap are from the manufacturer Pelagic, and feature 4-way stretch material, and come in sizes from small to large. Women who love to fish will love these fishing shorts, which can be paired with bikini types or one of our cool T-shirts.

Fishing shorts you buy online can feature drawstrings, zip flies, or both. The designs are mostly of fish – they are fishing shorts, after all! Fish worked into the design of camo boardshorts look really nice and will catch the eye.