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Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiter

Pelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiter


Bimini Bay Outfitters Solarguard Faceshield Sunshield

Bimini Bay Outfitters Solarguard Faceshield Sunshield


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Sun masks save your face and neck from getting sunburned in cold or warm weather. Even when it feels cool to your skin, the sun’s rays reflecting off the surface of the water are magnified and can burn your skin quite easily. It’s not only your face and neck that need to be protected – most people don’t think of getting sunburn on their ears but it does happen! Search for sun masks to buy online to protect your ears and more!

Our sun masks for sale will protect your fishing vacation.Sun burns are painful enough, but today we know that frequent sunburns can lead to skin problems later in life, so it’s essential that you protect your skin now, and it’s so easy to do.

Sun masks prices are inexpensive. We carry two of the best brands when it comes to sun masks to buy online, Pelagic and Huk.

Sun masks for sale have been popular for several decades, as fishermen and women know their importance, and they also look quite stylish. Some sun masks for sale also include a mesh screen which covers the mouth, making it easier to breathe.

Another reason to wear a sun mask is because of the wind protection that it provides. Windburn can be as painful as sunburn, and also causes damage to your skin. Sun masks are cheap at any price, really, because the protection they provide against skin damage is invaluable.

When you compare sun masks prices, consider the features that will make wearing your mask comfortable. The mask should be lightweight and reflect sunlight so that you stay cool beneath the mask. The sun masks, cheap, should offer a protection of SPF50. SPF stands for sun protection factor and SPF50 is the best protection available. All Sun masks, cheap or otherwise, must still provide this SPF50 protection.

The material that sun masks are made from must wick moisture away from the face of the wearer. More than that, they must be anti-microbial. Even when moisture is wicked away there will still be some perspiration on your face or neck and anti-microbial material helps prevent an unpleasant odor from forming. The material should also be resistant to stains, as there’ll be plenty of opportunities for stains in a fishing boat.

Sun masks are stylish as well as functional. Check out our offerings of sun masks today.