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We have a complete selection of waders for sale at J & H Tackle, from manufacturers Caddis, Frogg Toggs, and McNett. Waders are essential gear when you’re fly fishing in a river or stream, and these waders will keep your clothing dry and enable you to fish for as long as you’d like in complete comfort.

In addition to waders to buy online, we also carry such accessories as wader repair adhesives, a wading belt, and wading suspenders. Wader repair adhesive comes in a small tube that fits in a pocket, and can seal holes in your waders or your gloves, so it’s a nice piece of fishing equipment to have handy. That’s why J & H Tackle is your one-stop fishing gear shop – we know what you need and we carry it all.

Waders prices range from just below a hundred dollars all the way up to a little les than two hundred dollars. The prices vary depending on the configuration of the waders. We carry both bootfoot waders and stockingfoot waders. Waders are essentially extremely flexible boots that extend up to your chest. If you prefer stockingfoot waders, you wear boots over the waterproof stockings. Bootfoot waders have boots built right in.

Waders are not made from cheap materials. They need to be waterproof from your feet to your chest. Waders we offer come in a variety of sizes – standard size, stout, long, short stout and waist-high.

Waders for sale are essential if you’re going to be fly fishing in a stream. You may think that thigh-high waders will be suitable if your favorite stream is only a couple of inches deep, but chest waders are really ideal. Not only do they keep you dry but they also keep you warm.

Waders you buy online here at J & H Tackle are made from a wide variety of materials – the boots may have neoprene soles, the rest of the material may be of heavy duty polyester, and then there will be a variety of suspenders – bib style or X-back suspenders. Your shoulder straps are important by the way – they’re adjustable for a reason!

Waders prices are ideal but it’s important to care for your waders properly, too. Your waders will last for quite a long time if you dry them out before storing them, and store them flat or from a hanger – don’t just bundle them into a drawer.

Waders are not so cheap that you can afford to treat them poorly. There’s no need to replace them if you somehow get a hole – that waders adhesive is good stuff, but like all clothing there is a proper way to care for them.

If you have any question about how to get the best-fitting waders, how to adjust them, or how to care for them, send us a message today.

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