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Baits and lures for sale at J & H are perhaps the most critical part of your fishing gear. It’s essential to choose the right bait, or lure, for each type of fish you’re trying to catch, and that’s an art in itself as the saying goes.

Baits and lures you buy online will include swimbaits, soft plastics, jigs and spoons and hard baits. They’ll include chatter baits, trolling lures, crankbaits, prop baits, frogs and spinners. And then there are trailers and buzz baits. J & H carries all the baits and lures you could ask for from the top manufacturers, at perfect prices.

Baits and lures prices vary, of course, depending on the type of bait or lure you’re purchasing. Each type of fishing – spincasting, baitcasting, trolling, fly fishing and so on, require different bait and lure designs.

Baits and lures are cheap depending on what type of bait you’re looking for. They can range from only a few dollars up to over a couple of hundred dollars for the more sophisticated lures – those that are classified as swimbait, for example.

When you’re first taking up the sport of angling, you will want to experiment with a wide variety of lures for your own particular discipline, but it’s always fun to try the different types of fishing and do a different type of fishing each time you go out on the water, up to and including trolling for big game fish which is perhaps the ultimate action sport.

In addition to baits and lures for sale at J & H, we also offer some necessary lure accessories, such as sprays that carry the aroma of menhaden or shrimp or some other bait that will attract the fish you’re targeting. We also have a wide variety of different colored teasers to attach to jigs – always something that is needed to be replaced eventually!

Baits and lures to buy online are represented by manufacturers such as Imakatsu, Daiwa, Reins, Spro, Tsunami and many more. These top manufacturers offer baits and lures that have done the job for decades, as well as new innovations to take targeted fishing to the next level. It’s also fun to browse through all the offerings to see if there are new lures or technology that you weren’t even aware existed, like a Carlson 36” Ultimate Bird Bar which is used when trolling for big game fish.

It’s easy to purchase a wide variety of fishing baits and lures at excellent prices, but we at J &H want to make sure you’re getting the baits and lures that you need. We urge you to contact us today with any questions you might have.

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