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J & H has several combo rods for sale. If you don’t want to bother about purchasing a rod and reel separately and having the reel mounted on the rod of your choice, the solution is to purchase a combo rod that has already taken care of that task. Combo rods are ready to go straight out of the box and will deliver hours of enjoyment for you, your family and friends.

Combo rods prices are quite attractive, which is why you can pick up quite a few and have them on hand for visitors – whether you have to travel to a nearby lake or river or you have a cabin right on the lake.  We carry Surf Combos, Conventional Combos, Baitcast Combos, Spinning Combos and Offshore Combos – so, basically, whatever combo rod or rods you’d like to have, you can find here at J & H.

Combo rods can be cheap, or they can be mid-range, or expensive. It all depends on the features you’re looking for. Manufacturers we stock are Avet, Daiwa, Maxel, Penn, Quantum, Seigler and Shimano. The prices of these combo rods vary depending of course on what type of fishing you’re going to do.

Combo rods prices for spinning rods, for example, are quite a bit less than combo rods prices for offshore combos. That’s because offshore combos are trolling rods, which need the most sophisticated rods and reels for going after game fish.

Combo rods for sale at J & H have not just been put together wily-nilly. The best rod and the best reel for that rod are paired together, so you don’t have to worry that you can’t do the fishing you want to do because your reel isn’t up to the standard you need.

When you consider combo rods to buy online, don’t think that you are stuck with the weight of the line on the reel. You can always change that out yourself if you’d like to go with heavier line. Combo rods are ideal for the beginner or casual angler, but don’t think that you must stay with the line that originally comes with the reel.

As with separate rods and reels, each combo rod will have its own characteristics and the user will have to practice to learn how to use a baitcast reel as opposed to a spinning reel. Everything comes down to practice, and learning from other, experienced anglers if you’re a beginner. Anglers love to share their knowledge with others.

Don’t be hesitant to find combo rods to buy online – we are here for our valued customers and we will answer any questions you may have. Please contact us today if there’s anything you’d like to know about any of our combo rods.

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