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Line + Leaders

Lines and leaders for sale are an essential part of your fishing gear, and are probably the one single element that cause anglers the most problems. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a hit on your line, knowing you’ve got a big fish, and then suddenly feeling that snap as the fish breaks the line and gets away. In other words, having the right line for the right fish is important, and many anglers will have several different fishing rods, each one complete with a reel with a different weight of fishing line, to save time while out on the water.

Lines and leaders you buy online at your one-stop shop, J & H Tackle, are represented by the following manufacturers: Berkley, Hi-Seas, Momoi, Ande, Seaguar, Sunline, Yo-Zuri, Daiwa, Jerry Brown, PowerPro, Spiderwire, Sufix, and Malin.

Lines and leaders prices vary depending on what type of line you’re purchasing – braid, fluorocarbon, monofilament, unifilament or wire.

Lines and leaders cheap depend on the manufacturer. Manufacturers of leaders including American Fishing Wire, ChatterLures, Diamond, Malin, Momoi, Tide Ride and Tsunami.

What’s the difference between lines and leaders? The leader is the line that is attached from the end of your fishing line, to the lure or rig you are using. Not every angler uses a leader, but it can make a big difference to your fishing success. For example, most fishing line can be seen by fish – and they shy away from it. Leaders are not so easily visible, so they don’t alert your quarry that that delicious baitfish isn’t what they think it is. The type of leader you use also depends on the area where you’ll be fishing.

Lines and leaders for sale are available for every type of fishing and every type of fish. For example, ChatterLures offers Shark Leaders, which are a little over two feet long, and are tournament approved. (That’s important to note – if you’re planning to participate in tournaments all your gear has to be approved by the tournament officials.)

Lines and leaders you buy online come in many varieties – you may be surprised how many. For example, leaders may be wind-on leaders, meaning you can wind the leader right on to your reel, or they use a swivel connection, so they can’t be wound onto your reel. As with all gear, there are pros and cons for wind-on leaders versus swivel connections. Wind on leaders use a loop rather than a swivel, so most anglers find it’s easier to swap leads with them.

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