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Electric Reels

Electric reelsyou buy online are ideal for the serious sport fisherman.  With an electric reel, the reel does most of the work and increases your power. The most drag that a non-electric reel can deliver is 30 pounds. With an electric reel, the drag jumps up to from 40 to 55 pounds.  The Daiwa Dendo even goes up to 88 pounds of drag! This power enables you to go after the largest game fish and not exhaust yourself trying to reel in your catch because the electric wheel helps you with that as well.

J & H has electric reels for sale from Daiwa and Shimano, and we offer our very own branded battery kit so you can recharge your reel while you are on the water.

Electric reels prices are somewhat more expensive than reels that don’t have that little charge in them.  These reels are for the serious sports fisherman and or woman. Electric reels aren’t cheap but there are medium range as well as upper range prices to suit most budgets.

Electric reels you buy online can be used, along with the appropriate rod, for deep fishing or even for kite fishing. Kite fishing is the newest rage – picture yourself out on a boat with one, two or even three specially-crafted fishing kites hanging I the air, each one dangling bait on a long line. It’s probably best to accompany a friend on a kite fishing expedition before you start acquiring that gear for yourself.

Electric reels for sale have a variety of electronics, depending on your price range. Some just help you reel in your catch (which is a nice enough feature in itself), others such as the kite reel have an LED readout so you know how much line is let out, and you can program a jigging function as well. The gears are of brass and aluminum and very sturdy, and of course the electronics are safely sealed so the salt water is kept at bay.

Electric reels prices are quite reasonable considering the improved power you’ll notice immediately, but just like baitcasting reels over spinning reels, you’ll need to practice with them to perfect your skills. Electric reels are cheap at the price, depending on how you look at it!

If you’d like to embrace the latest technology in fishing, consider electric reels for sale. Old-timers might scoff that you embrace artificial means to help you reel in a big fish, but once they see how easy it is they’ll be clambering to for electric reels to buy online themselves.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about our electric reels for sale, please drop us a line. Er…send us an email!

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