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Explore our Wide Selection of High-Quality Fly Fishing Reels

Fly reels prices are comparable to those for other types of reels, and J & H offers you several reels from the manufacturer 3-TAND’s T-series, with are most expensive fly reel being the Seigler BF.  The Siegler is the reel you’ll need if you’re going after the big game fish like tuna, tarpon and the giant trevally (otherwise known as a GT)).

Fly reels to buy online are typically constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, whether you are going for light tackle fishing or serious sport fishing.  Fly reels are cheap when you consider how much use you get out of them, especially when they are of top quality such as is manufactured by 3-Tand and Seigler.

Each of these fly reels for sale also comes with its own neoprene reel cover, which is a nice accessory that you will appreciate. Fly reels, cheap or not, need to be protected from unnecessary knocks, as this will extend the life of the reel. The reels themselves are sealed and waterproof, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be covered when not in use for added protection.

Fly reels for sale vary in sophistication to suit the needs of any angler. Most fly reels allow the user to switch the retrieve from left to right, and change spool sizes if desired – so that spools with different line weights can be quickly switched out.

J & H has fly reels prices that you will love. The 3-TAND T-series reels come in seven sizes, depending on how much line, and the weight of that line, you want to carry on each reel. Reel sizes needed will vary depending on whether you’ll be fishing in a lake, from a beach, or from a boat.

Fly reels, cheap, typically do not have the same kind of drag system that the more sophisticated fly reels have, and that is reflected in the price as well. As with everything, the type of fish you intend to go for will determine if you want an inexpensive reel that would not be suitable for fish that are “hard runners”, or those reels designed specifically for those kinds of fish.

Fly reels to buy online can be compared with the listings for each reel. Information is given such as line capacity of the spool, the size of the spool, the weight of the reel itself (very important if you’re going to be casting for several hours a day!), and the weight of the line.

Our customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have on our fly reels for sale or fly reel prices or anything to do with fly reels!  Please take advantage of our expertise in any aspect of fishing – we are happy to help.