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Spinning Reels

J & H presents a wide range of spinning reels for sale – brands such as Abu Garcia, Van Staal, Daiwa, Shimano, Penn and Okuma, all the way to ZeeBas.  Spinning reels to buy online cover the whole gamut, with reels suited for the beginning angler as well as reels that will deliver everything the experienced and professional angler needs.

Spinning reels cheap that you are looking for can be found at J & H Tackle. Spinning reels prices vary depending on what kind of fishing you are going to do, how much time you intend to spend fishing, and whether you’re going to be fishing in fresh or salt water. The casual angler will need a good spinning reel of course, but the avid fisherman and woman will want more than just the basic features.

Spinning reels for sale are manufactured from a variety of materials including aluminum or carbon fibre. For the beginning angler an aluminum reel works just fine. The more serious angler will enjoy the carbon fiber reel. Rather more important than the material of the reel casing is the metal of which the gears are made – those are what separate a good fishing experience from one in which you stand about helplessly with a jammed reel, while fish swim all around you, laughing.

Spinning reels for cheap may have brass or steel gears, but the best gears are typically made of stainless steel. Spinning reel prices also depend on whether you purchase a sealed or partially sealed reel. Sealed reels are essential for salt water fishing as the salt wat can eventually corrode the gears or other parts of the reel.

Spinning reels to buy online include those for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Of course, you could use a reel intended for freshwater fishing in saltwater locations, but drop the reel and rod into the water a few times and you’ll soon see why the sealed fishing reels made specifically for salt water are the more prudent choice.

Daiwa reels are our least expensive reels, with an aluminum body and a spool made of aluminum as well. There’s a maximum drag of eight pounds, one bearing, and a gear ratio of 5:3:1.  This is a reel to catch small fish! Contrast that with a top of the line Shimano that is made of a composite material, has a maximum drag of 44 pounds, 14 bearings instead of one, and a gear ratio of 4:4:1 -  ideal for heavyweight sports fish like the bluefin or yellowfin tuna.

You can see why spinning reels prices vary, and why there’s no reason to buy more reel than you need, depending on what kind of fishing you enjoy.

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