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Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle doesn’t sound “sexy,” does it, but it’s essential. It’s the hooks, floats, rigs, crimps and weights that you use at the end of you fishing line in order to catch the type of fish you’re after.  Terminal tackle you buy online can be bought at J & H Tackle, so come ahead on and start browsing.

Our experts at J & H have used their experience to select the terminal tackle for sale here on our product pages. We feel these items are the best on the market in their particular niche, so if you’re looking for terminal tackle and want to compare different brands, why not drop us a line (that’s our favorite pun, we use it every time we get a chance) and ask us? We’re here not only to sell you fishing tackle, but also to answer all your questions and help you have a great experience out on the water.

Terminal tackle prices will vary depending on what type you’re purchasing – rigging materials and rigs go together, as do crimps and snaps. We’ve got over three hundred kinds of hooks for you to browse through – and those prices will differ widely depending on whether you’re buying single hook or a pack of several.

Terminal tackle is cheap in some regards – hooks aren’t expensive at all - but more expensive in others. For example, weights are sold by the weight, so they can be a little less than a hundred dollars, but you’re receiving anywhere from 44 to 84 pieces, so that works out to be quite inexpensive per piece when you think about it!

Terminal tackle you buy online, depending on the category, is represented here at J & H by many brands and manufacturers: For rigging materials, more example, we carry American Fishing Wire, Billfisher, Du Bro, Hogy, TUF-Line and VMC.

Other brands or manufacturers of terminal tackle for sale include brands such as Spro, Tsunami and Wolverine. For clips, Decoy, Spro and Tactical Anglers. For floats, we carry Precision Tackle.

Terminal tackle prices, in regards to rigs, are only a couple of dollars from Tide Rite. Rigs consist of a leader hooks, and a swivel and snap. Tide Rite rigs are hand-tied, so you know you’re getting quality.  

As you can see, terminal tackle is cheap, but each individual piece delivers an important function.  As always, if you have any questions about terminal tackle, why not drop us a line today? We’re happy to communicate with our customers – we love talking fish with experienced anglers as well as newcomers to the sport

Terminal tackle from Clips to Weights – start browsing our comprehensive product pages today.

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