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The PENN Fishing Tackle Company has been around since 1932. The American manufacturer of fishing tackle is constantly innovating its reel designs and production for the satisfaction of experienced and beginner anglers worldwide. It manufactures some of the highest quality fishing tackle in the industry. In fact, many of the conventional reels that you see on the market today are heavily influenced by early Penn reels. What’s so special about Penn products? For one, their fishing gear is extremely reliable. Each product has been thoroughly re-engineered to accommodate the brand’s cutting-edge technology. As a result, drags are increased, reels are always braid-ready, and fishing is never going to be the same again. Let the battle begin, as the brand proclaims. If you’re looking for conventional reels and spinning reels, make Penn your top choice. Each product is a testament to almost nine decades of fishing tackle superiority. Shop our collection of Penn fishing gear today. 



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