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Van Staal


If you are interested in extreme fishing conditions — those that are done in remote locations with the most challenging of elements — Van Staal is the right fishing gear to go with. From reels to pliers, Van Staal creates the highest-performing fishing products, which can take the beating of sand, surf, and salt and keep on going. They’re strong enough to catch elusive fish (even pelagic species) in the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean. Van Staal reels are fully sealed that even the finest Montauk sand won’t penetrate the body or drag. On the VS models, the center shaft and line roller are manufactured from solid titanium and covered with a titanium-nitride coating. Van Staal products can hold up to the demands of casting big surf plugs and the strain of using heavy braided lines. The Van Staal X Series, for instance, guarantees an excellent fishing experience, empowering you to go further than you ever have to land that big striped bass. More importantly, these products will be by your side in many fishing expeditions, as a Van Staal lasts a long time. Browse our Van Staal inventory, including the popular VR 200 and VR 50 for sale. If you’re not sure what product fits the type of fishing you do, contact our online representatives. We’ll help you locate the best Van Staal reel or rod. Service kits are also available.

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