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Van Staal

Van Staal Spinning Reels

If you fish the surf, then you probably know all about Van Staal Spinning Reels. Designed to handle the harshest surf fishing conditions in the world, Van Staal spinning reels are entirely sealed, keeping out saltwater and sand from the drag and body of the reel. Its all-aluminum construction allows it to take a beating for those times when you fall on the rocks.


Van Staal spinning reels are also great for offshore fishing. Their powerful drags and fully sealed body make them ideal for fighting big game fish. If you are a serious angler, you owe it to yourself to check out the Van Staal spinning reels. They are as rugged and reliable as spinning reels come!


Our Van Staal spinning reels for sale include:


  • The VR Series


Whether it’s a VR50 or a VR200, the VR series is a brilliant example of Van Staal’s pioneering skills. Made with aluminum, the reels are waterproof and can last in harsh conditions. The VR reels can also resist rough handling from heavy-fishing anglers thanks to their sturdy stainless steel center shaft and titanium nitride coating.


Van Staal’s VR Series reels come with a MicroClick tuning accuracy that makes for optimal performance. Cast and retriever for extended periods thanks to cut-outs in the body, rotor, and spool that improve angler comfort.


  • The X Series


With their proven performance in harsh environments, Van Staal’s X Series is the preferred spinning reel of kayak fishermen and saltwater anglers. This series of reels features a great drag range that allows more precise dragging. With its X-Wrap Oscillation feature, anglers enjoy an improved line lay and drag that produces extra casting distance and a better reel, overall, for catching big fish in any environment.


We also offer a variety of Van Staal tools like titanium pliers, fillet and sandwich knives, and knife and tool sharpeners that make your fishing experience seamless.


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