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Accurate ATD Platinum 2-Speed TwinDrag Reels

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The Accurate ATD Platinum TwinDrag Two-Speed Reels are the best big game offshore reels available today. Constructed of aircraft aluminum, these handmade fishing reels blend power and performance to produce an unmatched fishing experience. They are extremely smooth with an amazing lever drag system and their patented TwinDrag system. That means a drag on each side of the spool allowing for double the drag power and less strain on the handle side of the reel. Fill up an Accurate ATD with mono or braid and you will be able to reel in that fish you've been dreaming about! In the store we jokingly refer to these reels as the Rolls Royce of fishing reels. If you want to fish with the best then you have to fish with an Accurate ATD Platinum Fishing Reel.

Accurate ATD Platinum TwinDrag Two-Speed Reels are available in several sizes. Reels are silver.

Models: ATD 6, ATD 12, ATD 30, ATD 50, ATD 50H, ATD 50W, ATD 80, ATD 80W, ATD 130