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Accurate BX Boss Extreme Single-Speed Reels

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Accurate BX Boss Extreme Single-Speed TwinDrag Reels are extremely well made. These are the closest you are going to get to hand made fishing reels. Designed and built in California to be the best fishing reels on the market, the single speed models of the BX feature Accurate's dual drag system that provides twice the drag with less side pressure, and an excellent lever drag system. If you have never fished an Accurate reel before you should know that these reels are made to reel in big fish. You can use these reels to fish inshore and nearshore and have a lot of fun but you need to test these reels against a big fish to see just how awesome they are! Accurate BX Boss Extreme Reels are built to be the best and they don't disappoint.

Accurate Boss Extreme Single-Speed Reels are available in high and low gear ratios in several sizes. Reels are silver.

Models: BX-400N, BX-400XN, BX-400, BX-400X, BX-500N, BX-500XN, BX-500, BX-500X, BX-600NN, BX-600XNN, BX-600N, BX-600XN, BX-600N, BX-600XN, BX-600, BX-600X, BX-600W, BX-600XW