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AFTCO MaxForce I Harness

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The AFTCO MaxForce I Harness will help you bring those big pelagics to the boat! Constructed of molded, closed-cell EVA foam padding, the MaxForce is comfortable under pressure. The lumbar and sit-in pads distributes the load to your legs, allowing the strongest part of your body to do most of the work. The AFTCO MaxForce I Harness features a waterproof lycra cover and a synthetic liner that wicks moisture away and won't slip when you're mid-fight. AFTCO has even included a mesh bag with grommets for storage and to wash your harness after use. Wear an AFTCO MaxForce I Harness when using tackle in the 30-130 lb range. It will make the fight easier on your body!

AFTCO MaxForce I Harnesses are blue. Match it up with an AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt.

Models: AFH-1


Color - Blue

Size - 30-130 lb

Gender - Male