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AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belt

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The AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belt is a great accessory for your next offshore fishing adventure! When you are fighting big fish, a rod belt is a must and AFTCO has really put the work in on this one. The Clarion is constructed of a thick EVA foam back pad that provides great cushion on your waist and thighs while distributing the load evenly when fighting a fish. The front is a gold anodized aluminum front plate that is lightweight, corrosion resistant and will last a long time. Secure your rod in the molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket with stainless steel pin and you are good to go. The AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belt features Quick Clips for the belt so you can easily take it on and off. Don't worry if the belt should happen to fall overboard - it floats!

AFTCO Clarion Fighting Belts are 19" wide by 13" high. Wear one on your next big game hunt!

Models: AFB1


Color - Yellow, Grey, Black

Size - 80-Unlimited

Gender - Male