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AFTCO MaxForce I Harness

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Enhance your deep-sea fishing experience with the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness. Designed for anglers who seek superior support and control, this harness is built to withstand the toughest battles with big game fish. Discover how the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness can provide the comfort and stability you need for your next offshore adventure.

Ultimate Support and Comfort:

The AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness is engineered to provide exceptional support, distributing the load across your back and upper legs to minimize strain during prolonged fights. The harness features a combination of molded EVA foam padding and a high-density polyester cover, ensuring maximum comfort even during the most intense battles. This design helps reduce fatigue, allowing you to stay focused and maintain control over your catch.

Adjustable Fit for All Anglers:

With its fully adjustable straps, the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness offers a customizable fit for anglers of all sizes. The harness can be easily adjusted to ensure a snug and secure fit, providing stability and preventing unnecessary movement. This adjustability makes it an ideal choice for both experienced anglers and those new to big game fishing.

Durable Construction:

Constructed from top-quality materials, the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness is built to last. The high-density polyester cover is not only durable but also resistant to UV rays and saltwater, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in harsh marine environments. The heavy-duty stainless steel hardware adds to the harness's durability, making it a dependable choice for serious anglers.

Easy to Use:

The AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness is designed with user convenience in mind. The quick-release straps allow for easy on and off, enabling you to quickly gear up when the action heats up. The harness also features stainless steel D-rings for secure attachment to your rod belt or fighting chair, providing added security and peace of mind during intense fishing battles.

Enhanced Control:

By providing superior support and stability, the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness enhances your control over the rod and reel. This increased control allows you to apply more pressure on the fish, making it easier to tire them out and bring them in more quickly. The harness's ergonomic design ensures that you can maintain a strong and comfortable grip, even during extended fights.

Perfect for Big Game Fishing:

Whether you're targeting marlin, tuna, or other large game fish, the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness is an essential tool for your fishing arsenal. Its robust construction and superior support make it ideal for handling the powerful runs and sudden bursts of big game fish. This harness is designed to help you land your trophy catch with confidence and ease.

Trusted by Professional Anglers:

AFTCO is a trusted name in the fishing industry, known for producing high-quality gear that meets the demands of professional anglers. The Maxforce 1 Harness is no exception, offering the performance and reliability that serious anglers expect. Join the ranks of successful anglers who rely on AFTCO gear to achieve their fishing goals.

The AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness is a game-changer for big game anglers, offering unmatched comfort, support, and control. Its durable construction and adjustable fit make it a versatile and reliable choice for any offshore fishing adventure. Equip yourself with the AFTCO Maxforce 1 Harness and experience the difference it can make in your fishing performance. Get ready to tackle the biggest and toughest fish with confidence and ease.


Color - Blue

Size - 30-130 lb

Gender - Male