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AFTCO MaxForce Shoulder Harness

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The AFTCO MaxForce Shoulder Harness is great when fishing stand-up for small to medium fish. The MaxForce II is constructed of bio-foam padding along the shoulder and back with ventilated mesh connecting it all in the back. The harness is covered with lycra polyester and has synthetic terry cloth liners. AFTCO has outfitted this harness with four stainless steel ladder-locks that are fully adjustable. The brass cross-lock clips easily attach to the lugs on your reel. They have reinforced all of the critical positions on the nylon webbing straps with corss and box-stitching. If you're looking for a nice shoulder harness, the AFTCO MaxForce Shoulder Harness is a great option!

AFTCO MaxForce Shoulder Harness are blue. They come with a mesh bag with grommets so you can wash your harness after use and then store it until your next fishing trip. Match it up with an AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt.

Models: AFH-2


Color - Blue

Size - Up to 50 lb line

Gender - Male