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AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt

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The AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt is designed for fighting big fish! The Socorro is constructed of a thick EVA foam back pad and a gold anodized aluminum front plate that is lightweight, corrosion resistant and will last a long time. The molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pocket with stainless steel pin allows for easy access when you are hooked up with a big fish! This belt features Quick Clips for the belt so you can easily take it on and off. The Socorro is a bit smaller than the Clarion and is perfect for standup fishing. Due to its shape and size, it can sit high on the thighs for better leverage. If you're fishing for tuna, wahoo, marlin or other large pelagics, you'll be glad you're wearing a AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belt!

AFTCO Socorro Fighting Belts are 15 1/2" wide by 10" high. They float. Match it up with an AFTCO MaxForce harness.

Models: AFB-2


Color - Yellow/Black

Size - 50-80 lb

Gender - Male