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AFTCO Taper-Tip Flying Gaff

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The AFTCO Taper-Tip Flying Gaff is one of the best flying gaffs on the market. Big game anglers have been successfully using this tool to land big fish. These flying gaffs come rigged. The hook seats into a tough plastic insert fitted into the gaff tip, and is held in place with 20 lb. test line tied to a steel post affixed to the shaft. When a fish is gaffed, this line snaps, providing a clean and immediate release. A machined aluminum gimbal at the butt of the shaft secures the attachment rope; and along with the plastic insert in the tip, prevents water from seeping into the shaft. If dropped overboard, the gaff handle (minus hook) will float! Shafts are 7' long, with 1-3/8" butt diameters fitted with two black non-slip grips, and anodized with a rich gold to resist corrosion. The barbed hooks are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and will not straighten out in use. The triangular points give excellent penetration and are easy to sharpen. The hook on the AFTCO Flying Gaff is 6".

AFTCO Taper-Tip Flying Gaffs come pre-rigged with rope and 6" hook.

Models: FGAFF Rigged


Width of Hook Throat - 6"

Diameter of Hook Shaft - 5/8"

Length - 7'

Color - Gold