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Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belt

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The Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belt is a really well made offshore belt. This belt can will give you the advantage you need when fighting big fish, and a level of comfort that other belts don't provide. The Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belt is constructed of a thick foam back pad that is wide and gives good coverage on your waist and thighs, destributing the load evenly.  The front is an anodized aluminum plate that is contoured for maximum comfort. It is lightweight, corrosion resistant and will get a lot of use season after season. The gimbal pocket is also constructed of aluminum with a stainless steel pin. Alutecnos even added a small padded area on the plate so that the gimbal cup does not damage the plate when it bumps against it. The belt comes on and off with heavy-duty quick clips so it is easy to use and quick to get on when a fish is hooked. If you're looking for a high quality fighting belt, buy an Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belt.

Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belts are 20" wide by 11" high. They are avaialble in several colors.

Models: SPN02000


Color - Gunmetal

Size - 80-130 lb

Gender - Male