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Alutecnos Fighting Harness

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So you want to go fishing for tuna and other big pelagics and you need a harness? The Alutecnos Fighting Harness will get the job done! This padded offshore harness is extremely comfortable and clips right onto the lugs of your fishing reel. Pair this with a fighting belt and you are good to go! Everything about this harness is premium from the materials used to the straps and of course the clips. They are handmade in Italy and will last a long time! If you love offshore fishing and intend on catching big fish, an Alutecnos Fighting Harness is the way to go. Easy to put on and take off. Make sure you have a few on the boat just in case you hook up to multiple fish at the same time. 

The Alutecnos Fighting Harness is blue and white. They are one size fits all. Match it up with an Alutecnos Standup Fighting Belt.

Models: SSGM0200c


Color - Blue White

Size - 30-130 lb

Gender - Male