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Avet G2 SX Lever Drag Reels

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Avet G2 SX Lever Drag Reels ushers in the next generation of fishing reels from Avet. The popular SX has been given an upgrade, making it more powerful and giving the angler a better fishing experience. Avet has increased the drag on the G2 SX to 20 lbs at max, giving you all the power you need to haul in big fish. They've also upped the line capacity so you can fish for larger species with a smaller reel. The lever drag system has gotten a major upgrade to the same ratcheting glide plate lever system that is on the Raptors. It gives you better control when fishing and feels a lot better than the original lever system. Avet G2 SX Lever Drag Reels are still constructed of aluminum so they are lightweight and corrosion resistant. They feature eight sealed stainless steel ball bearings and a much improved double dog anti-reverse system to minimize back play. The Avet G2 SX Lever Drag Reel is extremely versatile and with the power upgrade, this reel can be used for a wide variety of inshore fishing. It's also a great reel to take with you on your next vacation. Get one and hit the water!

Avet G2 SX Lever Drag Reels are available in five sweet colors! Choose from black, blue, gold, silver and neptune's heart. They are proudly made in the USA!

Models: SX G2 5.3, SX G2 5.3 MC, SX G2 6/4, SX G2 6/4 MC