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Avet SXJ 6/4 MC RAPTOR Lever Drag Reel

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The Avet SXJ 6/4 MC Raptor Lever Drag Reel is a perfect example of the new breed of fishing reels. It is small, compact and extremely powerful! The SXJ Raptor is a narrow version of the SX Raptor and is perfect when fishing from a kayak or boat. You'll be amazed at what you can reel in with this reel! The SXJ Raptor is constructed of aluminum and features eight ball bearings, magnetic cast control, a 2-speed mechanism, an improved lever drag, and a drag system that puts out an impressive 26 lbs of drag at max! There are so many fish you can dominate with this little fishing reel! The SXJ Raptor was built for braid so fill it up with your favorite spectra. Take an Avet SXJ 6/4 MC Raptor Lever Drag Reel on your next fishing trip. The future of fishing reels is here!

The Avet SXJ 6/4 MC Raptor Lever Drag Reel is available in ten solid colors including blue, green, gold, black, orange, pink, purple, red, gun metal, and silver! We also stock it in green camouflage. These reels come with rod clamps.

Models: SXJ 6/4 MC RAPTOR