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BAITMULE Large Container

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The BAITMULE Large Container is perfect for storing bait. A lot of people use this for Gulp storage. It allows them to carry a gallon at one time in a rugged container that has a leakproof o-ring inside the lid. It is also great for crabs and other bait. The body of the BAITMULE is constructed of High-density polyethylene and can handle being abused. There is a place on the side where you can attach a lanyard or rope in order to carry it however you want. If you're looking for bait storage, the BAITMULE Large Container is a great choice!

BAITMULE Large Containers are white with red lids. They can hold up to one gallon of liquids and solids in them. 

Models: BM-LC


Length - 8"

Width (in.) - 8"

Height (in.) - 7"