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Costa Del Mar Loreto 580P Polarized Sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar Loreto 580P Polarized Sunglasses are made for fishermen! These amazing aviator-style sunglasses are built to be lightweight and stylish. The metal frames are corrosion resistant. Costa has incorporated polarized 580P lenses that deliver amazing clarity, bold, beautiful colors and reduce eye strain, all while blocking the sun's harmful rays. Costa uses an integral hinge on the Loretos that will keep returning to the same position time after time. Costa Loretos deliver on performance and style. Costa Del Mar Loreto 580P Polarized Sunglasses will help you catch more fish! Wear them on the water, in the car or around town. Get yourself a pair of Costa Del Mar Loreto 580P Polarized Sunglasses and join the swell of anglers who trust Costa above other sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar Loreto 580P Sunglasses are extremely stylish! Choose from four awesome frame colors, and four different lens colors. These frames look great and both men and women! They are considered a medium size frame.

Models: LORETO 580P

Lens Chart

Blue Mirror - 10% light transmission - Made for the open water. Encapsulated mirrors deliver maximum contrast and color in full sun while eliminating reflected glare. 

Green Mirror - 10% light transmission - Encapsulated mirrors offer enhanced visual acuity for fishing inshore, flats, rivers and streams. 

Gray - 12% light transmission - Perfect all-around choice for sports on water and land. Maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions. 

Silver Mirror - 12% light transmission - Encapsulated mirrors optimize light transmission and enhance colors. Perfect for sight fishing or any outdoor activity with variable light. 

Copper - 12% light transmission - Made for sight fishing, driving, and everyday activities. Cuts glare and enhances contrast and color, providing eye comfort in any conditions. 

Amber - 12% light transmission - Excellent all-around lens that delivers the brightest field of vision.


Fit - Medium

Hinge Type - Integral

Lens Size A / B - 56 mm / 46.4 mm

Temple Length - 126 mm

Bridge / DBL - 14 mm

Base Curve - 6 Base

Lens Materials - 580P Glass

Frame Material - Monel

Frame Color - Gunmetal Frame

Lens Color - Blue Mirror Lens