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Costa Del Mar Trevally 580P Polarized Sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar Trevally 580P Polarized Sunglasses are a fisherman's best friend! When you are out on the water and the sun is at its peak, a hig quality pair of shades are a must! The Trevally is all about performance with a side of good looks. Constructed of TR-90, they are extremely durable. Costa has blended this with Hydrolite to guarantee that these glasses will not slip off of your face, even when it rains! The 580P lenses offer superior clarity, excellent colors and they block 100% of UV rays. They are also scratch resistant. Worried about light penetrating the side of these glasses? With the Costa Trevallys, this won't happen. The frame gives wide coverage on the sides to keep bright sunlight out of your eyes. The next time you hit the water, make sure youy wear a pair of Costa Trevally 580P Sunglasses. You'll be glad that you did!

Costa Del Mar Trevally Sunglasses are available in four different frame colors, and six different lens colors. Frame colors come with certain lens colors so check before you buy. Choose the combination that you love!


Lens Chart

Blue Mirror - 10% light transmission - Made for the open water. Encapsulated mirrors deliver maximum contrast and color in full sun while eliminating reflected glare. 

Green Mirror - 10% light transmission - Encapsulated mirrors offer enhanced visual acuity for fishing inshore, flats, rivers and streams. 

Gray - 12% light transmission - Perfect all-around choice for sports on water and land. Maintains color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions. 

Silver Mirror - 12% light transmission - Encapsulated mirrors optimize light transmission and enhance colors. Perfect for sight fishing or any outdoor activity with variable light. 

Copper - 12% light transmission - Made for sight fishing, driving, and everyday activities. Cuts glare and enhances contrast and color, providing eye comfort in any conditions. 

Sunrise - 27% light transmission - High-contrast specialty lens made especially for sight fishing at dawn and dusk.


Fit - Small

Hinge Type - Integral

Lens Size A / B - 53.5 mm / 36.9 mm

Temple Length - 121.5 mm

Bridge / DBL - 18.5 mm

Base Curve - 8 Base

Lens Materials - 580P Plastic

Frame Material - TR-90 Nylon

Frame Color - Matte Black Frame

Lens Color - Blue Mirror Lens