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Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack

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The Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack is a sweet storage system! The digi-camo pattern on this durable bag is eye catching and looks great! Built on a non-collapsible frame, this backpack will hold its shape for years to come. The Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack comes with three storage boxes to hold your gear, multiple pockets for storage, a sunglasses case, an easy access accessory holder as well as a Velcro attachment area. There is a holder for your pliers as well as a leader wheel that holds two spools of line. The zippers are high quality and corrosion resistant. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable. This is the perfect bag to bring on the boat.If you're looking for a new fishing back pack, the Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpack is a great option. The perfect blend of style and functionality! 

Daiwa D-VEC Tactical Backpacks are available in one size. They are 15" x 9" x 13". Daiwa calls them tactical grey but they are digi-camo and black. Get one for yourself and give one to your friend as a gift. 

Models: DTBP-1


Type - Tackle Bag

Size - 15" x 9" x 13"

Color - Black Digicamo