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Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag Reels

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Anglers have been waiting for years for Daiwa to release a new version of the Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag Reels! Finally they are here. The new Saltiga star drag has gotten a full makeover. With its one-piece aluminum frame and sideplate, the Saltiga is strong yet lightweight. Daiwa has upped the corrosion resistant bearing count to eight, making these reels incredibly smooth and corrosion resistant. On the 10 and 15 sizes, Daiwa replaces one of the CRBBs with a mag sealed bearing on the pinion gear. The Ultimate Tournament Drag system puts out some serious fish stopping power and the gearing is top notch. To make the reel more ergonomic, Daiwa has reduced the height of the off handle sideplate making it fit comfortably in most hands. On that same sideplate is a spool lock mechanism that protects the gears when engaged. If you get snagged on the bottom, you turn on this feature and you can pull up hard on your rod without the risk of damaging the internals of your reel. Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag Reels are the small, compact fishing reels that you have been waiting for. They are impressive!

Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag Reels are available in seven sizes. The 10 and 15 sizes are available in right and left handed in high and low gear ratios. The 40 and 50 sizes are available in right hand retrieve only in high and low gear ratio models. All other models are only available in right handed with a high gear ratio. Add one of these to your arsenal. You will love fishing with it!