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Daiwa Saltist HC Levelwind Reels

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Daiwa Saltist HC Levelwind Reels are new from Daiwa and improve on an already proven design. The main addition is the auto-engage feature which allows you to engage the reel by turning the handle instead of pushing the clutch forward. Features aluminum one-piece frame and sideplates, infinite anti-reverse, helical cut gears, loud clicker, light weight machined aluminum spool, counter balanced handle, and 4 corrosion resistant ball bearings. The Ultimate Tournament Drag puts out 20 lbs at max. Now you can have proven Saltist reel performance with the added convenience and efficiency of a levelwind.  

Daiwa Saltist HC Levelwind Reels are available in 20H and 30H sizes. Both have 6.1:1 gear ratios. These reels are ideal for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Models: STTLW20H-C, STTLW30H-C