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Conventional Reels

Daiwa Seagate Conventional Reels

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The Daiwa Seagate is a lightweight, powerful star drag fishing reel. The 20 and 30 sizes put out 15.4 lbs of drag while the 35, 40 and 50 put out an impressive 19.8 lbs of drag! These new reels make use of a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates to house a rugged, work horse gear train. Aluminum spool starts fast but is kept in control by centrifugal brake system. A great, all-around reel at a very reasonable price.

If you are sad that Newell is out of business, give the Daiwa Seagate fishing reels a try!

Models: SGT20H, SGT30H, SGT35H, SGT40H, SGT50H